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Tandem Skydive Ireland

Tandem Skydive
Are You ready for An Amazing
Adrenaline Filled Experience?

We are ready to give that Experience to you.Tandem Skydiving (Parachuting) is the best and safest way for a complete novice to,
Taste the Sky. We mainly conduct Tandem Skydives for everyone’s safety. You will be assigned your very own Personal Highly Qualified Tandem Master.

TrainingThere is no need for a full days training as Instruction for a Tandem Skydive only takes 15 Minutes. You will be supplied with all necessary accessories.
Your Tandem Master will brief you about your Tandem Jump, gear you up and bring you to the aircraft.

You are then securely attached to your Personal Tandem Master by 4 Attachment Points.
At 10,000 Feet or even higher, the aircraft door will open, Time To Go……….

FreeFall“I feel the need……The need for speed!”
Upon exiting the aircraft gravity takes over and you accelerate to over 100mph in 5 Seconds reaching your Terminal Velocity (the speed at which you won’t increase speed further) after another 5 Seconds. Terminal Velocity is usually around 120mph (200kph) You FreeFall at this speed for around 30 to 35 Seconds.

Parachute RideYour Tandem Master opens your Parachute purposely built for two at 5,000 Feet.
You now have 4 to 7 Minutes floating around under canopy taking in all those spectacular views of the surrounding Countryside.

LandingModern Parachutes are designed for graceful soft landings.
Our Tandem Masters would not have Thousands of Parachute Jumps completed otherwise.

DVD of Your ExperienceJust ask when you check in at our centre on the day and we should be able to look after your needs.

What are the Age & Weight Limitations? Age:
Minimum age is 18. No under 18's permitted. If you are over 50 years of age, You MUST have a letter of Fitness from your Doctor.

Limit is 16 Stone (225 lb) (102 kg)

Medical Conditions:
Please call us for clarification and hopefully we can assist you. Most People even with physical disabilities can Skydive with us.

Payment Option 1 | €285 - once off payment
You can also buy 2 and 3 skydives at the same time!

Buy More Save More

Payment Option 2 | €80 Split Payment
payment PLEASE CALL TO ARRANGE BOOKING : 087-1513344 Pay

Terms | Pay €80 Today, and remainder on day of skydive!
Split payments are non-refundable.
Terms & Conditions

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