Freefall Ireland Skydive Centre Ltd T/A Tandem Skydive Club Ireland

Terms & Conditions

All purchases of Skydiving packages are subject to the following terms and conditions. By proceeding with your purchase you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

1.0 Booking
1.1 Pre-booking is advisable to ensure your preferred date and time is available.
1.2 Bookings are confirmed upon receipt of payment.
1.3 Booking for a Self Paid Tandem can be secured by paying a non-refundable deposit of €80 per person. Balance to be paid before or on the day of your Tandem Skydive.
1.4 To reschedule an Individual booking or group, a minimum of 1 weeks notice is required.
1.5 All bookings are subject to Our Irish Aviation Authority approved regulations we also adhere to The Parachute Association of Ireland guide lines.

2.0 Payment
2.1 All bookings, Purchases and Deposits and Gift Vouchers are non-refundable.
2.2 If paying by Cheque, 10 working days is required by us to clear cheques. Payment by Visa Laser or Cash can be made on the day.
2.3 Bank Transfers are accepted 10 working days in advance only.

3.0 Your Skydive Date
3.1 You must arrive at your given time for your appointment.
3.2 Upon arrival you complete the Registration process which takes approx 30 minutes.
3.3 Skydive Training takes place at scheduled times.
3.4 Your arrival time does not indicate your Skydive time.
3.5 We can not guarantee the time of your Skydive.
3.6 You should be prepared to commit the entire day for your Skydive.
3.7 We can not guarantee you will be on the same aircraft load as your companions.

4.0 Gift Vouchers
4.1 Vouchers are valid strictly for 6 months from the date of issue.
4.2 Vouchers are transferable to another person.
4.3 Vouchers are non-refundable.
4.4 Voucher bookings are subject to availability and verification
4.5 It is advised that Voucher bookings be made early during validity to prevent expiration.
4.6 You must present your Voucher on the day of your Skydive to redeem it.
4.7 FreeFall Ireland Skydive Centre Ltd is not responsible for lost or stolen vouchers.
4.8 FreeFall Ireland Skydive Centre Ltd reserve the right to change the location of their operation.
4.9 Name change fee of €75 apply.
4.10 You can extend a vouchers validity for 3 additional months subject to a fee.
4.11 To be eligible to extend, you must attempt to use the voucher while still valid is required.
4.12 A part payment voucher or a discount voucher can only be used to purchase a full price skydive,only one voucher can be used per purchase of a full price voucher.

5.0 Safety
5.1 The Senior Tandem Master on the day is the decision maker on whether operations will proceed or halt.
5.2 Skydiving is totally weather dependent and will only commence when conditions are suitable.
5.3 Unsuitable Weather can cause unforeseen delays or stop operations completely.
5.4 Unsuitable behavior will lead to immediate cancellation of your Skydive.
5.5 No alcohol consumption is permitted on or near the airfield during operations.
5.6 Children are welcome although they must be strictly supervised at all times.
5.7 If you are suspected to be under the influence of a mood altering substance you will be asked to leave the airfield.
5.8 Any prior or existing health issues such as conditions or medication must be advised to us before your skydive.
5.9 A Doctors note may be required for any of the above issues.

6.0 Unforeseen Technical Issues
6.1 Technical issues can sometimes cause delays or hinder operations.
6.2 Technical issues can restrict operations for safety reasons.
6.3 All flights are subject to Air Traffic Control approval.
6.4 If for any technical issue your Skydive is prevented from going ahead you will be offered a new date.

7.0 Insurance
7.1 FreeFall Ireland Skydive Centre Ltd does not carry insurance for personal injury.
7.2 Your own personal insurance if required is your responsibility
7.3 Although it is not mandatory, you should consider personal insurance as you are NOT INSURED whilst skydiving. for example is one option but please also feel free to source your own insurance.
But before you purchase, make sure the policy provides the cover you require.